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Community Reports

Child and Family Resources responds to inquiries frequently made by parents, employers, community organizations and government organizations by providing statistical data related to child care such as supply and demand, average cost of care and economic indicators.

These reports are used by various stakeholders including parents, providers and community members to advocate for quality care, analyze potential locations and compare salaries, benefits and tuition rates.


Child and Family Resources, Inc. Annual Reports 

These reports focus on the efforts made by Child and Family Resources, Inc. and include data reports on child care resource and referral services, family resource services, key points of interest and fiscal year revenue for the agency. These reports are presented each year at the agencies annual meeting in November.

Child & Family Resources, Inc. 2015-2016 Annual Report


Child & Family Resources, Inc. 2010 - 2011 Annual Report


Child & Family Resources, Inc. 2009 - 2010 Annual Report

Child & Family Resources, Inc. 2008 - 2009 Annual Report 




   A Look at Child Care in Ontario, Seneca and Yates Counties 

Child and Family Resources, Inc. prepared this Supply and Demand of Child Care Resources to respond to inquiries frequently made by parents, employers, community organizations and government organizations.

A Look at Child Care in Ontario, Seneca & Yates Counties 2017-2018

A Look at Child Care in Ontario, Seneca and Yates Counties 2011-2012


 2016 Early Care & Learning Council Parent Survey

Why Quality Matters!

  • Did you know that 80% of families that earn less than $50,000(NOT receiving subsidy), encounter hardships paying for child care?
  • Did you know that 67% of families borrow from friends/family/creditors to pay for child care?
  • Did you know that in 2014, New York State had the second LEAST affordable child care in the nation?

Read more:   Early Care & Learning Council 2016 Parent Survey


 2016 Parents and the High Cost of Child Care CCAOA Report

Child Care Aware of America’s 2016 report, Parents and the High Cost of Child Care 2016 CCAOA Report, summarizes the cost of child care across the country, examines the importance of child care as a workforce support and as an early learning program, and explores the effect of high costs on families’ child care options.



Child care is expensive—this is not new. In fact, our recently released 10th edition of the Parents and the High Cost of Child Care report reveals a continued trend of the burden that families face in finding and funding quality child care.



 2017 State Fact Sheet Child Care Aware of America 


Child Care Aware® of America released its annual state-by-state report on key child care data. 2017 Child Care in the State of New York Fact Sheet provides information and statistics on working families, child care supply and demand, costs and other relevant child care data. Check out your states fact sheet here!



Success for Geneva's Children, Inc.:

The purpose of Success for Geneva’s Children is to mobilize the Geneva community to improve the health and well being of children (birth to 12 years) and their families. Success seeks to build effective interventions and supports for children and families knowing that such things have profound and long lasting beneficial impacts on the individual child, his/her family and the community.

Success has served as a catalyst for improving the quality of life for children in Geneva by providing several unique services to the community: 1) the production of a biennial Data Report to assess and track the wellbeing of children and their families in Geneva, 2) Biennial in-depth Reports examining key findings identified by the Data Report, with recommendations to address the need, and 3) annual Leadership Breakfasts to highlight the reports and successes of each previous year and raise awareness among elected officials and community leaders on the needs of children and families.

Over the past five years, our members have used the Success Data Reports to attract $4.6 million to Geneva. One multi-year grant, worth $224,000 per year, came to Geneva because Success existed, and brought a collaborative approach to the process, rather than the fragmented, competitive applications from other communities. Another agency, which has received over $500,000 during this time, reports “Population-specific local statistics have a strong impact on grant proposal scoring”, and the Success data book has been the source for most of this community level information. While it is very difficult to identify the number of children and families served, we know that the number of families is in the hundreds, and the number of children is in the thousands. Last year, information from the 2006 Data Report was instrumental in the Central Finger Lakes’ selection by America’s Promise as one of the “100 Best Communities for Young People”. 


Success for Geneva's Children 2011 Data Report 



Success for Geneva's Children 2009 Data Report